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 Atalanta running,
 that is,

 New ChymicallChymical Emblems relating to the
 Secrets of Nature,

 AccomodatedAccommodated partly to the eyes and understanding, with figures cuttcut
 in Copper, and Sentences, Epigrams, and notes added, partly to the
 ears and recreation of the mind, with 50 musicallmusical flights of
 three voycesvoices, whereof two may correspond to one single
 melody 1appropriated 5with 6distichs 2to 3be 4sung: 11to 12be -
 13seen, 14read, 15meditated, 16understood, judged17Tdistinguished, 18sung,
 19and 20 heard 7not 8without 9Singular 10delectation.
 . . . . . . . .

 melody ApropriatedAppropriated to be Sung with distichs, not without
 Singular delectation, to be seen, read, meditated,
 Understood, distinguished, Sung and Heard;

 the Author.

 Michael MajerusMaierus Count of the Imperiall Con=
sistory. Doctor of PhysickePhysic. Knight of etc.
 . . . . .


 Printed by Hieronymus Gallerus, at the charge of
 John Theodore de Bry.
 . . . .
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